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The Ikenobo School is one of the largest in ikebana, the Headquarters being located in Kyoto. Although many schools have developed in the last 500years, Ikenobo was the first to be formally organised, and is known as” Origin of Ikebana.” This beautiful art is passed down through generations of the Ikenobo Family, who are devoted to teaching the future teachers and students, resulting in art of Ikenobo spreading around the world. Exhibitions, lectures and classes are regularly being held through out Asia, Europe, America and Australia. The Ikenobo masters philosophy adapts to the native floral material, which also encourages the members to extend their knowledge to local floral, and foliage material.

Mrs. Tamiko Tamura founded the Surrey Ikenobo Group in 1989. Under her supervision many cultural activates were organised and she trained her students to diligently follow and learn the art of Ikenobo. When circumstances forced her to return to her native Japan in 1992, a bright, enthusiastic and energetic student, Hansa Patel was requested from the Headquarters to take over the task of continuing the teaching of the Surrey Ikenobo Group U. K.Numerous trips to study under respected and honoured professors in Japan followed, and she learnt more and more about the subtle nuances and expressions of the floral art that she has since successfully conveyed to her members.

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